Reasons to Explain Why You Need to Get Dental Implants

Dental implants are an effective method of restoring a damaged smile. Missing one or more teeth is a serious concern and can lead to severe complications. You can replace missing teeth with a variety of options, but dental implants are among the most popular ones. In fact, dental implants can not only replace the enamel of your missing teeth but also their roots. Your experienced implant dentist will install those titanium posts in the areas of the jawbone to serve as mounts. We at Dentistrynearme try our best to introduce the best and nearest dental implant specialists in your area and help you have a successful experience. If you need to visit an implant dentist in Toronto, Vancouver, Richmond Hill, Edmonton, North York, and any other region in Canada, let us make your appointment in less than a minute. Click “Book Now” and schedule your appointment or contact us right away at 866-614-1416.

Except for dental implants, you have dentures and dental bridges as other tooth replacement options available. The most expected question patients ask when they visit an implant dentist is why to get dental implants. Today’s blog lists some convincing reasons dental implants are the way to go.

Reasons to Explain Why You Need to Get Dental Implants

Dental implants can reform the function of your mouth.

Losing one or more teeth can weaken your mouth and disturb your chewing and biting abilities. Dental implants can perfectly mimic the natural features of real teeth. By getting dental implants:

  • Your chewing ability will be improved
  • Your digestive system stays healthier.
  • You can keep up your everyday oral hygiene routine which is an important preventative method to have a shiny smile.

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Dental implants are steadier than dentures.

Many patients may prefer dentures over dental implants because dentures are easier to install. On the other hand, partial dentures will be loose over time and can slip when you talk or chew. Dental implants are much more reliable than dentures, and they are securely locked in place by titanium cylinders and screws. If you need to make sure dental implants are the right solution, book your free implant consultation in Mississauga or any other region you live.

Dental implants prevent tooth misalignment.

Once you lose a tooth, the gap in your jawline can lean right to the left. These changes of positions can lead to tooth misalignment and ruin the beautiful look of your smile. Tooth misalignment can force you to undergo experience orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign, which isn’t pleasant at all. Periodontal disease, speech issues, and damaging pressure on other teeth are other consequences of tooth misalignment caused by missing teeth.

Dental implants are long-lasting.

Other replacement options, like tooth bridges, can last only up to 10 years, and you must replace them after a specific period. Alternatively, if you maintain dental implants properly, they can last a lifetime. Your implant dentist uses proper sedative medication to insert posts into your jawbone, composed of titanium, a very durable metal. If you maintain your dental implants correctly, you can expect that they last for a long period.

Dental implants can prevent bone loss.

Jawbone loss is one of the most common complications of not replacing your missing teeth. If your jawbone is already deteriorated, you should undergo bone graft surgery. Otherwise, getting dental implants helps you prevent this problem. You can visit a cosmetic dentist or implant specialist to assess your jawbone density.

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