Is It Possible to Resolve Missing Teeth Problems with Orthodontics?

If you have lost one or more teeth, you should know how this condition affects different aspects of your life. The value of your natural teeth is very high, and it’s very critical to keep them safe and shiny all the time. However, some incidents may happen unexpectedly and put you in an awful condition you didn’t want to experience at all. Suddenly accidents, trauma, tooth infection and periodontal disease or just a few causes of this problem that you need to prevent. It’s highly recommended to visit our experts at Dentistry Near Me so you can find the best way to replace those teeth and regain your brilliant smile. An important question many patients ask is about getting orthodontic services while they have missing teeth. It’s a sensitive topic and should be observed by a very experienced dentist. That’s why our professional orthodontists in Toronto are an amazing option if you are experiencing such an occasion. If you want the answer to that question, keep reading this blog to receive all the required information.

How Do Braces Impact Missing Teeth?

If you lose one or more teeth and leave them untreated, it’s possible to face serious issues like shifted teeth. Furthermore, your bite and jaw alignment will be negatively impacted, and all these things indicate how replacing those teeth matters. The best thing you can do on such occasions is to get tooth replacement options like implants or dentures. You can visit our implant dentists in Toronto to see if you are a good candidate. But if your teeth are already shifted, it may be better to consider orthodontic treatments to create room for the replacement.

Is It Possible to Resolve Missing Teeth Problems with Orthodontics?

Room for Restoration: If you have missed a tooth and your mouth doesn’t have any room, an orthodontist can help you. They put brackets on the patient’s teeth strategically to make sure the needed space will be created soon. It’s a very popular technique used before getting an implant or bridge. Furthermore, it’s useful to prevent teeth from getting shifted.

Closed Gaps: If your teeth are overcrowded and you miss a tooth, you can get orthodontic treatments to close that gap without the need for any replacement. These procedures can align teeth and fill the gap efficiently, reducing the ultimate cost of treatments. You can demand braces or clear aligners based on your needs and condition. Our professionals offer the highest quality of Invisalign services in Toronto to help patients with such issues regain their beautiful smile.

Misalignment Issues: Missing teeth can cause misaligned issues, which is a serious problem threatening your oral health. In fact, it’s a cause of a wide range of health problems if left untreated. Orthodontic treatments can resolve these issues and prevent such problems efficiently, giving you a very charming smile. Otherwise, you experience problems like an infected jawbone, which force you to visit an emergency dentist. Our experts offer the best emergency care in Toronto, and you can visit them to preserve your smile.

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